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Project Ethos: Human Archfiend

Human Archfiend

  • Abilities

    • The Q ability will be the sacrificial attack

      • The player will “Sacrifice” Vitality or Mana to use abilities

      • Can be spammed at the expense of VItality/Mana

    • The W ability will be based on some sort of trinket that can be bought/gathered

      • The attacks will do high damage mattering on the trinket/ability used

      • The player will have to prepare before every fight

    • The E ability will be either an empowered ranged attack or a powerful melee attack

      • Will be skillshot or AoE based

    • The R ability “Soothsaying”

      • After a calling (not able to be used in combat) the player can summon a demon to fight side by side with the player

      • To call a demon the player must give up a small percentage of souls from their Prism

    • Q:

      • Endure

        • The player can channel this ability

        • Siphons Mana to do massive AoE damage around the player

      • Suffer

        • After a small charge the player loses Vitality

        • The player can charge up to 5 seconds

        • The longer the charge, the more damage done/vitality lost

      • Ail

        • Spikes of demon tissue flow through the player's blood

        • This lasts for 20 seconds and costs nothing to cast

          • Writhe

            • The player can cast Ail again to use Writhe dealing damage in a V formation

            • Can be cast up to 5 times during the 20 seconds

            • Each cast of Writhe deals damage to the player

      • Surge

        • The player can lose 20% of their health for a whole fight to empower themselves while in combat

        • Increases Mana regen, damage done, and cooldown reduction

    • W:

      • Trinkets can be equipped from the inventory

      • Each trinket has a different use/value

      • Some can be reused and some are destroyed when used

      • Takes the name of the trinket equipped

    • E:

      • Brand

        • Marks a target in melee range to take DoT damage.  If the target dies while “branded” it spreads to every enemy around it within a 10 yard range

      • Puncture

        • “Pierces” a spike through a target.  If this target is within melee range of another enemy, the spike will pierce through that target.

        • Can happen up to 5 times

      • Haunt

        • The enemy is inflicted with a curse and is haunted by nightmare creatures pertaining to the enemy inflicted

      • Agony

        • The player loses control of their character for 5 seconds.  While out of control the character deals high damage in random locations.

    • R

      • Xaphan

        • Summons the demon Xaphan which deals massive fire damage in an AoE way.

        • Lasts for 60 seconds and if alive at the end, half of the Divinity is returned to the player

      • Kamaitachi

        • Can be dropped in a huge AoE area and encircle anything inside.  The enemy’s movement and attack speed is reduced by 50% and constant damage is done to enemies inside of the circle

      • Yukionna

        • The demon enters the body of an enemy freezing it to the core

        • If the enemy dies while the demon is inside of the enemy the enemy will explode dealing massive AoE damage to any enemy

      • Nuribotoke

        • Summons this demon to fight alongside the player for 90 seconds.

        • Will do constant AoE damage around itself and deal melee damage whichever enemy the player is attacking



  • “Sacrifice”

    • Trading some variable for an attack or character only buff

  • “Pierce”

    • Making something go through a target

  • “Branded”

    • An enemy under the DoT of Brand


Archfiend Basis

The Archfiend is based off of Porphyry which is a Greek Philosopher religion.  In this religion they believe that Spirits cover the world.  Relates directly into the storyline of the game as a whole



(The story for the Archfiend will progress once the player has shown interest in the “Bad” side of the magical arts.  Because the player showed harmful intent they will turn to the side of Demonology.  After progressing slightly and learning the basics from a Necromancer they are handed a tomb of rituals.  This will be the main weapon for now.  After the revolt of Manticores in their home city the Player is set free to fight the Deity’s of Yomi with the Manticore’s, or destroy the Manticore race by helping the Yomi Deity’s. )


The player is initially brought into the game with an AI friend.  The player runs with the friend to gather firewood for home for the night.  (A connection with the AI is implied, as if they’ve been friend for awhile.)  They come across 5 bodies, two hunters from town they recognize and 3 bodies covered in ripped cloaks.  Of the 5 bodies, 4 of them are on the ground with blood covering every inch of their body.  The two hunters have been lacerated at the stomach.  (Through conversation with the AI, the player realizes that the person alive is a Necromancer.)  In a quick turn of events the AI friend is killed while the player is thrown against a tree from magic.  The player watches as the manic cultist rips open the friends body and perform a “Transfer” ritual on him.  (This ritual is unknown of the Player, but is relayed through mumbling from the cultist.)  The player sits back and watches the necromancer, showing interest in the dark arts being performed.   After some small conversation the Necromancer decides to take the Player with him to teach the Player the Dark Arts. After traveling around and learning the dark arts with the Necromancer, the player is brought to a small township filled with Manticores.  The Manticore is a race of Half Men Half Lion people.  The city is filled with Manticore slaves who are held up in cages for testing from the cultists.  The Player feels terrible remorse and is starting to think that they are in the wrong testing on this race.  With the players help, a revolt happens in the Manticore city.  During the revolt the Necromancer is lost in the fray and the Player is taken hostage by the Manticores for judgement.  The Player is shown to be honest and set free to fight the Yomi Deity’s for the Manticore race as a whole.  This is the main class storyline of the Archfiend.  The Archfiend can choose to try and destroy the Manticore race by helping the Yomi Deity’s, or help redeem the Manticore race by helping the Utopian Deity’s.