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Project Ethos: Human Kinetist

Human Kinetist

  • Abilities

    • The Q ability will be the basic “filler” ability

      • It will be a low mana cost ability that does little damage, but has little cooldown as well

    • The W ability will be the DoT or the Self-Buffing Ability

      • Mattering on the playstyle the ability could do damage over time or would Buff up the Q/Player

    • The E ability will an AoE or a Self-Healing ability

      • The AoE can be placed anywhere or even be based on the caster

      • The Self Heal will have high cooldown and can do one giant heal or a small heal over time (HoT)

    • The R ability

      • Will be high cooldown/high damage/high skill to use

    • Q:

      • Fireball

        • Basic fireball

        • Does fire damage and has a small chance to give the “Burn” DoT

      • Frostbolt

        • Basic frostbolt

        • Deals ice damage and has a small chance to give the “Hypothermia” debuff

      • Arcane Essence

        • This ability spawns an arcane essence that will attach to an enemy if hit and do small portions of damage over time.

          • Lasts 30 seconds

      • Water Combustion

        • Send small Water Globes onto the ground

        • 1 can be set and the player can then use “Combustion”

        • Short cooldown

    • W:

      • Telekinesis

        • When the ability is successfully landed on the enemy any “Debris” passed will fly into the target over time

          • Medium range with medium cooldown

          • Will also “Grab” things from players who the Telekinesis passes through

    • E:

      • Arcane Synthesis

        • Player channels for a few seconds and turns herself into concentrated arcane energy

        • While in this state the player can drop pools of arcane energy on the ground that do high damage to the enemy

          • The pools do not last very long and the ability has a high cooldown

      • Energy Assimilation

        • The player casts a small shield on him/herself which absorbs any magic damage from an enemy

        • After 15 seconds the shield bursts dealing a percent of the damage absorbed as AoE damage around the player

    • R:

      • Pyrokinesis

        • Translates to “Mastery over Fire”

        • Huge Pyroclasm that does massive AoE damage when it hits an enemy

        • Huge range and low cooldown

          • Lets 3 be used

            • When the 3rd is used the cooldown starts

      • Aquakinesis

        • Translates to “Mastery over Water”

        • Send’s and acid rain of sorts on a huge area around the caster

          • Heals allies and damages enemies

        • Player cannot move while casting

      • Aerokinesis

        • Translates to “Mastery over Air”

        • Massive boost to attack and movement speed

        • Player rides on a gust of wind, allowing the ability to cast spells while moving

      • Fulgurkinesis

        • Translates to “Mastery over Lightning”

        • Send 20 lightning bolts from the sky to ground

          • Only hits in a very small area but does very high damage

          • When all 20 are used the cooldown starts


Class Only Information


The Kinetist is a ranged class based on the basic elements and controlling them.  Will generally be using staves or a mix of a one-handed weapon with an item in the other hand.

  • Wand

    • Wands will be used to level up as a Kinetist and will be the main weapon for ranged auto attacks in game

    • Each wand will have a certain specialty to them

  • Buffs

    • Can put a buff on themselves if they have the correct materials and wand to do so

    • If given a very special item the player can throw a buff on their whole party

  • Ability Counters

    • Fire

      • Only does 75% damage after a ice or water type ability was used on the enemy

      • Does 125% damage after a wind or environmental attack was used

    • Telekinesis

      • Is slightly disrupted from shadow energy, only doing 75% damage when used after the attack

      • Buffed through placing the ability through allies by 125%

    • Water

      • Does 125% damage when used on a fire type enemy

      • WIll buff the next environmental type attack




(The story for the Kinetist will progress once the player has shown interest in the “Good” side of the magical arts.  If the player shows harmful intent they will turn to the side of Demonology.  After progressing slightly and learning the basic fireball they are handed a wand.  This will be the main weapon for now.  After taking down a local menace a higher-up from a larger Human town rewards the player with a stave. )


The player is initially brought into the game with an AI friend.  The player runs with the friend to gather firewood for home for the night.  (A connection with the AI is implied, as if they’ve been friend for awhile.)  They come across 5 bodies, two hunters from town they recognize and 3 bodies covered in cloaks.  4 of them are on the ground with blood covering every inch of their body.  (Through conversation with the AI the player realizes that the person alive is a necromancer.)  In a quick turn of events the AI friend is killed while the player is thrown against a tree from magic.  The player watches as the manic cultist rips open the friends body and perform a “Transfer” ritual on him.  The player tries to fight the necromancer, but because of the players limited skills and level the necromancer once more throws the player and they black out.   When awoken in town the player finds that their friend’s soul was transferred into a dying body and has been lost.   This is the main class storyline of the Kinetist.  Trying to kill the necromancer who stole your friends body so your friend can be laid to rest.




Any keywords used in the document will be referenced down here

  • “Burn” is a buff that makes each consecutive fireball deal 1.5x damage

  • “Hypothermia” is a buff that slows the target by 15% movement speed

  • “Combustion” is the ability that shows up once the Water Globe has been sent out

    • It allows the player to combust the water globe to do AoE damage around the area of the globe

  • “Debris” are fake items gathered through the range of telekinesis.  Rocks if in a mountain, etc…

  • “Grab” will reward the players for putting Telekinesis between an ally and the enemy.  If done correctly, it will grab extra things from the players to damage the enemy

  • “Transfer” is a type of ritual which lets the Necromancer take two live bodies and switch their souls.  This is normally done between two bodies; One that is healthy and another that is dying.