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Roguish Riches: Development Update #1

Above is the Main Menu for Roguish Riches, previously known as Tower Power.  Tower Power was a 12-hour Hackathon project, which I did a Critical Analysis of which you can find here.

Roguish Riches is a mobile game currently in development to release in mid-May of 2018.  Below is a development update which will include design decisions, current progress, and future functionality to expect!  Roguish Riches is being made by myself (Design and Unity Development), Cole Luther (2D Animation), Jennifer Collins (UI Assets, 3D Assets and Textures), and Ryan Flaherty (Lead Programmer).


What is Roguish Riches?

Roguish Riches falls into the Infinite Climber genre of mobile games, where the Player must jump their way up a tower by using platforms which surround it.  All the while water which starts at the bottom of the tower starts to rise. In the event the Player is caught by water the game is over, and the Player has the ability to play again or return to the Menu.  The tower is filled with coins to collect, enemies to avoid, and various platforms that try to trip the Player up. 

The goal of the game is to reach as high as possible on the tower, which at height intervals will reward the Player with character skins they can switch between games.  To help the Player do so, the coins collected through the game can be spent to buy Skills.  Skills are an ability which a Player can use one of at a time that help the Player make their way up the tower.  


Start Animation for the main charcater.

Roguish Riches Stunned

Current State of the Game

At this point Roguish Riches is currently at its Minimum Viable Product state.  All required systems are in and working, as well as all required assets.  From this point we are adding small amounts of functionality we have time for, and polishing the hell out of the game. 

As we are shooting for an early May release for both iOS and Android, we are currently in a good position for the 3-month scope of the game.  A huge emphasis on player testing and game balance will happen within the next three weeks.


What does Gameplay look like?

Roguish Riches follows a simplistic Gameplay Map (as shown by the image on the right).  The Player opens the game at the Menu, from there they can change Options, Customize their Skins/Abilities, check their High Score, or Play the game.

While in Game, the Player is able to run left or right, jump, and use their Ability (if they have one unlocked).  After the Player makes a mistake and plumets into the Water, they are met with a Game Over screen which allows them to Play the game again or return to the Main Menu.


The In's and Out's of Gameplay

I focused on creating a simplistic Gameplay Loop for the Player in Roguish Riches.  In each situation of the game the Player has five options to choose from.  This design decision was chosen because it allows for more difficult gameplay in the long run.  

If a Player is able to pick up the basics of the game quickly, they are more likely to feel rewarded for progression up the tower.  As well, a simplistic gameplay loop lets the Player have more decisive decisions while playing.  There will be less overall confusion on what to do in a tight situation.



Skills in Roguish Riches are a way for the Player to be able to improve their ability to progress up the tower.  After acquiring an Ability, the Ability Energy Bar will start to slowly increase as the game progresses.  When the Energy Bar is full the Ability can be used, and the Energy Bar will start to recharge again shortly after.  As the Player first enters the game and plays a few times, they will have gathered coins which can be spent in the Customize screen to buy different Skills.  These were included because it will make the longevity of gameplay more interesting, as the different skills cater to different gameplay types.  Below are three examples of the many skills which will be found in the final build.

Skill Examples:

  • Triple Jump
    • Triple Jump allows the Player to have a second double jump.  An easier way of explaining it is that after jumping in the air, the Player can jump once more.  This ability is for Players who have the ability to execute the core mechanics well to progress up the tower.
  • Platform Drop
    • The Platform Drop is a skill which allows the Player to create a safe zone for themselves.  The Platform surrounds the whole tower and is littered with coins.  This allows the Player to create their own "checkpoint" of sorts if a difficult portion of the climb is upcoming.
  • Cloud Travel
    • Cloud Travel is a way to allow Players to quickly progress up the Tower.  When activated, the Player jumps onto a Cloud and soars up the tower by the Player rapidly pressing the Ability button.  The Cloud Travel caters towards Players who can execute their jumps precisely to allow for quick distance over a short period of time.

Enemies and Hazards

The Enemies and Hazards encountered on the tower are what stand in the way of the Player happily platforming forever up the tower.  The obstacles on the tower were created to place the Player into tight spots which require the Player to use their creativity to get around.


  • Skull
    • The Skull is currently the only enemy in the game, but has two variants.  The Skull constantly circles around the side of the tower in either direction.  If the Skull collides with the Player, the skull is destroyed and the Player is stunned momentarily (but continues moving if they are mid-jump).
    • As the Player progresses higher up the tower, they will be more likely to find the Skull Variant which is faster and stuns the Player for much longer.


  • Sticky Platforms
    • A Sticky Platform can replace the normal platform and slow the Player movement down.
  • Icy Platforms
    • A Icy Platform can replace the normal platform and will make the character slide when trying to turn/run from a complete stop.

What's Next?

Within the next three weeks the team will be cleaning up assets, mass player testing, and bug fixing away. As well, reworks to the Customize screen, certain skills, and the balance of the tower are on the way!

On our list to change at the moment are:

  • Player Skins
  • Platform Variant Integration
  • Finding Sound Effects that don't kill our ears
  • Better Particle Effects for skills

Be sure to look out for the next Developer Update, and look out for Roguish Riches in just about a months time!