Technical Designer



Spheriohack is a mobile obstacle course game, where the Player must advance the character through each level.  My jobs were programming functionality with the Unity Engine, Level Design, UI Functionality, and Gameplay Design.


Design Philosophy

The design philosophy used for the creation of Spheriohack was to make a game that was familiar to people, the sort of game that draws people in at first glance and keeps them playing using engaging gameplay.  The game required the ease of control and the level design to keep people invested as they progressed through each level.

The logo for Spheriohack.


The Vision

Spheriohack was created for the 490 Game Workshop class which I took in my Sophomore year of college.  Along with myself, Brandon Hanabarger, Tyler Quarrato, and Keegan Runde wanted to make a game that was physics based using a mobile device.  Spheriohack was based off of previous games in the genre, with our own twist of themeing and level design.

Shown above is the second level of Spheriohack.  In the lower center of the screen is the green and blue ball which is the Player.  To the right of the Player is a collectable, which gains points and adds time for the Player to finish the level.  

The Levels

Level design and color palette were inspired by bright neons and a futuristic feeling.  Orange barriers showed the boundary for the platforms, bright blue signify any walls, and red was supposed to show a dangerous obstacle to the Player.  The game had three levels in total, with a total of one month in development.

Above is the end part of the third level.  In the center of the bottom of the screen is a wall, which the Player can run into and bounce off of.  Underneath the platforms are red lasers which will destroy the Player if they were to fall and touch them.  The yellow hole at the end is the goal, and will progress the Player through the level.



The gameplay for Spheriohack is very straightforward.  The Player holds the phone, and rotates the phone to move the ball in that direction.  The in-game camera is stationary, as to not disorient the Player.  The biggest issue with the game is that the "neutral" flat position of the phone is with the screen to the ceiling, which can make the game difficult to play.  If I were to ever go back to this project, the positioning would be the first aspect to fix!

Shown above is a portion of the first level which introduces a lack of surrounding platforms.  The Player has the option to test the waters and try to gather the collectables.  This is important because next level there will be several paths which do not have platforms for the Player to rely on.

Watch the Demo!

Below is a video for Spheriohack, showing off various levels and gameplay.  The game is on the Android app store, but it was a quick upload just to get used to the process so I cannot guarantee the stability of the application anymore. None the less, as my first college game it was quite the learning experience in itself!                                                                                                                                    

Spheriohack is a mobile game where the player is a ball who must navigate through several obstacle courses and get to the end of the level before the time limit ends.