Technical Designer



Tyrant is a 3D visualization of a Rubik's Cube in a 3D space.  My jobs on the project were UI Functionality, Level Design, and overall polish.


Design Philosophy

The design philosophy used for the creation of Tyrant was to use art as a way to recreate a simple game, as well as to learn how to make complicated systems such as a Rubik's Cube in a 3D space. We wanted to make an experience to enhance the solving of a Rubik's Cube.

The logo for Tyrant.  This is actually a render of the Cube turned sideways.  We were a big fan of the aesthetic it gave the game, and started using it as our logo.


The Vision

Tyrant was created for a 490 Game Workshop class I took in my Sophomore year of college. Our objective was to make a puzzle game, which was our only restriction.  We (Jeremy Behreandt and Jered Hoff) wanted to make an experience based game, which would focus on enhancing the ability of the game it was based on.  Success to us would be an enhanced feeling when playing the game.

This is the title screen and level selection of Tyrant. The game is all in one scene, so after hitting the Play button the Cube moves to the middle of the screen and the game begins in a seamless fashion.

The Gameplay

The game could be controlled two different ways, either by keyboard or by mouse.  The game was separated into levels, to help with the difficulty of a Rubik's Cube.  We knew that it would be difficult to complete the puzzle, so we limited the game by the amount of shuffling the cube did.  Each level shuffled the cube an extra time, which was our own modifier on the difficulty of the cube. 

This was the main UI of the game once a level is selected.  Instead of using color on each side we tried to make a path which would connect.  By pressing a button you could bring up this map, which would help the Player figure out the path that needed to be made.


The Hardships

To start with, creating a Rubik's cube functional with Raycasting in a month was quite the task, especially since we had never used anything like that before. The mouse controls were difficult to use, and still finicky.  The keyboard controls worked like a charm, but were confusing at first. Every single axis was mapped to a key (9 in total), making it a hassle to just pick up the game with keyboard controls.  With fixed controls Tyrant would make a much more suitable project.

Play it Now!

While there are issues with the controls, I think there is still a good basis for games of this sort. If you would like, feel free to download the game and play it here.  Otherwise, below is a video of gameplay from Tyrant.  The video will show several levels from the game, as well as various functionality I was unable to describe here!

The Rubik's Cube and color theme could be changed at anytime between four colors, shown above is the green color variant.

Tyrant is a game made in my Media Arts and Game Design class together with a small team. Tyrant is a game which takes the idea of a Rubik's Cube and turns it into a 3D experience. Music: