Technical Designer

Various Works

Various Works

Various Works is just that! Any art or games which were either put on hold or created for testing will be shown here with a small description of what it is and why.


Android Project

A character design, model, and texture of an Android.  Below you will find various images of my process in making the Android, as well as a video showing off the final product.

Android modeling project using Maya 2017.

Submarine Project

A Submarine design, environment design, as well as animation all done in Maya 2017.  Below is a slideshow of the progression of the project, as well as a video which demonstrates all of the models as well as the animation.

Submarine Model and Animation made in Maya 2017.


Whitewater Building 3D Model

Below is a slideshow of the final renders from a building 3D modelled and textured.  The building is modelled after a tattoo building on Main Street in Whitewater, Wisconsin.